Hello Everyone!

Setting up for the 24 Hour Comic Day challenge!

Just like the past two years, I participated in 24-Hour Comic Day.  The difference this year was twofold:

A) I participated in a group, and not just by myself in my home studio.

B) Not only did I match my page amount, I actually finished an unheard of 5 hours before the deadline!  That had never happened before!

So, as part of the October fun and frolics, I actually wrote/drew an SBJ Halloween story!  Hope you enjoy it, and remember, this will actually be running Monday-Friday through November 10th!


What IS “24 Hour Comics Day” you ask?

The original 24-Hour Comic was created by Scott McCloud.  Visit www.scottmcloud.com for a wonderful history of the 24-Hour Comic and 24-Hour Comic Day.

The “official” website is at http://www.24hourcomicsday.com
There is also an official blog tracking the event worldwide each year: http://www.24hcd.blogspot.com/