Jon’s Site Admin here.  If you’re visiting on a desktop computer you probably noticed the different look to the Sa-Bom Jim website.  All platforms are now seeing the “mobile” user interface thanks to an unplanned WordPress update.  Some of the sub-sections are still a bit wonky, bear with us while things get tweaked back into shape.

There was a plan to do a controlled upgrade of the site, but it kept getting delayed.  Why?  Because Jon keeps drawing and posting comics to the site so furiously (three times a week now)!  The idea was to find a good break-point in his story, give Jon a much-needed vacation from his comic, and upgrade the site. Due to an issue with the web hosting company, and with little forewarning,  WordPress was updated to the latest version this morning – which broke the site because it was running an outdated theme and plugins that are incompatible with the current version of WordPress.

If you’re wondering where the individual chapter archives have gone, for now click on “Menu –> Store” or click the “Store” button in the bottom bar and read the Ryuzine Press Editions, which beautifully collect all the comics of a chapter in a page-turning digital comic format.  The full, reverse-chronological archives are available under the “Archive” button on the right-hand end of the top bar.  If you’re on a sub-page for a single comic you can comment by clicking the “Comment” button in the center of the bottom bar and write your comment in the panel that slides in from the left.