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0 Jun 2011 The Promotion

Jim’s rank promotion hangs in the balance.  Will his performance pay off, or will the Grandmasters remain unimpressed?  Also, with classes canceled for four days, what happens when the Ninjas attack on Tuesday – in the middle of Jim’s test?

Comic Ryuzine
1 Oct 2011 That’s Entertainment

A short stand-alone, one-off story focusing on one of Jim’s students, the comic he draws, and trouble from some other-enthusiastic ninjas.

Comic Ryuzine
2 Mar 2012 Enemies & Allies

Chapter 1 of Sa-Bom Jim Volume 3 “Stuck in the Middle” story.  Sa-Bom Jim and Katy have just received a message from the Ninja Clans. . .asking for their help?!?  This smells like a trap!

Comic Ryuzine
3 Aug 2012 Enemy Of My Enemy

Chapter 2 of Sa-Bom Jim Volume 3 “Stuck in the Middle” story.  Sa-Bom Jim and Katy have  been CAPTURED!

Comic Ryuzine
4 Sep 2012 Enemy of My Enemy Part II

Jim knows he needs to bring an end to the Ninja-Pirate conflict, but will he end his life instead?

Comic Ryuzine
5 Dec 2012 Enter The Dragon (Lady)

Chapter 1 of Sa-Bom Jim Volume 3 “Time Keeps Dragon On” story.  Sa-Bom Jim and Katy are hijacked in time and space by a dragon!

Comic Ryuzine
6 Jan 2013 Enter the Dragon (Lady) Part II

Chapter 1, Part II of Sa-Bom Jim Volume 3 “Time Keeps Dragon On” story.  Sa-Bom Jim and Katy are hijacked in time and space by a dragon!

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7 Aug 2013 One Crazy Wedding Knight

At the end of Chapter 1 Part II the evil Morris convinced a corrupt King to force Katy into marriage and the wedding entertainment was the beheading of Jim!

Comic Ryuzine
8 Sep 2013 Into The Fire

Jim, Katy and Yong track Morris and his Ninjas to the Old West, but a no-nonsense Sheriff and the mysterious Melinda complicate their efforts to recover the Orb.

Comic Ryuzine auto
9 Oct 2013 24 Hour Comic (2013)

1 artist, 24 hours, and nowhere to run!  It’s Mandy & Xandy starring in their own book created as part of the “24 Hour Comic” challenge.

Comic Ryuzine
10 Dec 2013 Between A Rock & A Very High Place

After a narrow escape from the Old West, Jim and Katy find themselves separated from Yong after a time-jump to the future.

Comic Ryuzine
11 Apr 2014 All Signs Say NO!

After a harrowing time in orbit ending in an exploding space station  Jim, Katy, and Yong make it to the planet below in an escape pod, but now what?

Comic Ryuzine
12 Aug 2014 Old Wounds, New Injuries!

Morris and his Ninjas lead Jim, Katy, and Yong on another chase through time as they desperately try to recover the Orb.  Somewhere in the past both sides prepare for the final showdown…

Comic Ryuzine
13 Nov 2014 24 Hour Comic (2014)

1 artist, 24 hours, and nowhere to run!  Finally, readers, we get the back-story on Jim and Miranda’s relationship.

Comic Ryuzine
14 Feb 2015 All Work & No Play

Sa-Bom Jim is invited to take part in a TV dating show, but can he find a new love while the Ninja Clans are sabotaging everything?  Just as it looks like Jim might finally move on after Miranda’s betrayal her[…]↓ Read the rest of this entry…

Comic Ryuzine
15 Mar 2015 All’s Fair In Love And War

Jim agrees to appear on the TV dating show and meet with the eligible bachelorettes while Natalya, Miranda’s Ninja spy, plots to eliminate her competition…and Jim!

Comic Ryuzine
16 Apr 2015 All’s Well…?

As Natalya puts her evil plan in motion and the other bachelorettes fall prey to her one by one, Katy hatches a plan to save Jim!  But will her infiltration of the Ninja-controlled dating show change her relationship with Jim?

Comic Ryuzine
17 Jun 2015 Dark Horizons

As Carl fights his father’s expectations, Xandy tries to get closer.  Meanwhile, Sa-Bom Jim is suspicious of an event hosted by the mysterious “Kwan Mar,” and Kevin wants a chance to compete.

Comic Ryuzine
18 Oct 2015 Point of No Return

After Sa-Bom Jim’s student’s and Kwan Mar’s demonstrate their skills, Jim and his students find they are in less than a friendly competition…much less friendly!

Comic Ryuzine
19 Nov 2015 24 Hour Comic (2015)

A Sa-Bom Jim Halloween story created for 24 Hour Comic Day 2015.

Comic Ryuzine
20 Dec 2015 Into The Flames!

Jim and his team indulge Mar’s request – but Mar’s team is cruel and fights dirty!  Will Jim’s students survive this?

Comic Ryuzine
21 Jun 2016 Great Temptations!

As the face-off with Mar’s students gets more intense, Carl is torn between his loyalty to Sa-Bom Jim and his desire for his father’s respect…

Comic Ryuzine
22 Jul 2016 Showdown!!

The action-packed conclusion to the “Into the Unknown” story arc.

Comic Ryuzine
24 March 2011 A Watcher In Our Midst Sa-Bom Jim has been dealing with the trials of running his school and dealing with the constant ninja attacks every week. A student with a mysterious past enrolls and raises the suspicions of Sa-Bom Jim and his assistant, Katy. This volume collects the first story arc of the webcomic Sa-Bom Jim, as well as a lot of fun extras. Book Print
25 April 2007 Muscles & Fights Do you like muscles… and fights? Then this is your book. More than a dozen independent comic book artists have collaborated to produce a battle-sized graphic novel with over 180 high quality pages of MUSCLES & FIGHTS. $10.00 Anthology Print
26 Jan 2008 Muscles & Fights II Sequel to the hit anthology; Muscles & Fights. As with many sequels and revisitations, everything gets an upgrade. The muscles got MUSCLIER and the fights got FIGHTIER. So if you were with us for the first installment, hold on to your breeches, ’cause things just got a whole lot Musclier & Fightier! $10 Anthology Print
27 Sept 2008 Muscles & Fights III The Muscliest & Fightiest book of all time! Midwest comic artists have united again for the third installment of Muscles & Fights! Anthology Print
28 May 2006 Sa-Bom Jim #8 Jims students are being kidnapped and brainwashed. Jim & Katy go undercover to investigate. Comic Ryuzine
29 April 2006 Sa-Bom Jim #7 Jims students go shopping at the local mall and get more than they bargained for! Also includes Tales from the Klutch back-up story. Comic PDF
30 May 2016 Sa-Bom Jim Black Belts & Broken Hearts An innocent question makes Jim Parker, (Sa-Bom Jim) question his single status. Can the mysterious invitation to a reality dating show be what he is looking for, or will it be his untimely end? Book Print
31 May 2013 Sa-Bom Jim Volume 1 The original print series of “Sa-Bom Jim” has been collected in a single volume! Follow the exploits of Tae Kwon Do master instructor Jim Parker as he and his students tackle various ninja clans, the recurring appearance of Grandmaster Bombosto, and all sorts of martial arts hijinks! This book contains all TEN of the original print issues with new introductions by the creator himself. It also includes five additional stories originally published in the Muscles & Fights anthology series and the limited editionLutefisk Sushi box sets. Introduction by Bob Lipski, creator of Uptown Girl. $20 at, B&W interior, 412 pages. Book Print
32 May 2017 Sa-Bom Jim Enter the Dragon (Lady) Sa-Bom Jim and his loyal assistant Katy are whisked off into a whirlwind adventure through Time and Space to help a mysterious being reclaim her precious orb. As they battle their way through Medieval England, The Old West, and The Far-Flung Future, will they be able to complete their task, or will they find themselves hopelessly lost? $10.00 at, B&W interior, 196 pages Book Print

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