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A Sa-Bom Jim Halloween story created for 24 Hour Comic Day 2015.

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Title Page

24 Hour Comic Day Challenge

Hello Everyone!

Setting up for the 24 Hour Comic Day challenge!

Just like the past two years, I participated in 24-Hour Comic Day.  The difference this year was twofold:

A) I participated in a group, and not just by myself in my home studio.

B) Not only did I match my page amount, I actually finished an unheard of 5 hours before the deadline!  That had never happened before!

So, as part of the October fun and frolics, I actually wrote/drew an SBJ Halloween story!  Hope you enjoy it, and remember, this will actually be running Monday-Friday through November 10th!


What IS “24 Hour Comics Day” you ask?

The original 24-Hour Comic was created by Scott McCloud.  Visit for a wonderful history of the 24-Hour Comic and 24-Hour Comic Day.

The “official” website is at
There is also an official blog tracking the event worldwide each year:


What’s this for?

Squabbles and Reassurances

Time to howl!

Unexpected reactions

They’re back!


On their own

A plot is hatched!

Last-minute costumes

Second attempt!

Mutual disrespect

What’s around that corner?

Vamping it up!

Comparing efforts

Tricks, not treats!

Things that go ‘bump’ in the night!

Watch that door!

Nothing to worry about…Honest!

The show begins!

Trading blows!

Scary stuff!

MORE scary stuff!

We’re surrounded!

Don’t turn around!

Hasty retreat!

Another happy ending

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Table of Contents

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