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A Sa-Bom Jim story created for 24 Hour Comic Day 2016.

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2016-10-03 A New Story

A New Story

Hello Everyone!

Like before, I have participated and completed another 24-page comic in the span of 24 hours.  I spent Oct. 1 and 2 at The Minnesota Center for Book Arts with a lot of other cartoonists to undertake this yearly challenge, and you all get to see the fruits of that effort!  All through the month of October and into early November, I will be posting this fun little story featuring Mandy and D.D.

I know the cover design is pretty sparse, but I did it after I had completed the body of the story, and my hand wasn’t in the best shape for drawing a full-blown cover design.  That being said, I had a lot of fun drawing and writing this little story that takes place well before the current storyline.  Hope you enjoy it!


2016-10-04 Getting Ready

2016-10-05 Doctor Woes

2016-10-06 The Reveal

2016-10-07 A Chance Sighting

2016-10-10 Mobility Is They Key

2016-10-11 Need A Lift?

2016-10-12 It Gets Worse!

2016-10-13 Trapped

2016-10-14 Bad Touch!

2016-10-17 Apologies

2016-10-18 Report Now!

2016-10-19 Called In

2016-10-20 Getting Worse

2016-10-21 Close Call!

2016-10-24 The Tests Begin

2016-10-25 More Tests

2016-10-26 One On One

2016-10-27 Battle On, Circuitina!

2016-10-28 Uh, Oh!

2016-10-31 Revealed!

2016-11-01 Cornered!

2016-11-02 Some Subtle Subterfuge

201-11-03 Stand-Off

2016-11-04 Happy Ending

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