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Chapter 1 of Sa-Bom Jim Volume 3 "Stuck in the Middle" story.  Sa-Bom Jim and Katy have just received a message from the Ninja Clans. . .asking for their help?!?  This smells like a trap!

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As each chapter is complete it will be published as a Ryuzine Press Edition.  Enjoy!

Cover: Volume 3, Chapter 1

Previously. . .

Previously in Sa-Bom Jim. . .

Sa-Bom Jim was expecting yet another ridiculously themed Ninja Clan declaring their intentions to “destroy him” ahead of their regular attack on his training hall.  Instead he got more than he bargained for. . .

This time it wasn’t just a single Ninja Clan, it was the Council of Clans itself requesting a meeting.  Jim and Katy decide to go, but fully expect it is a trap!  Our story continues. . .


Note: This post is a recap for the Ryuzine Press Edition of Volume 3 Issue 3. If you are seeing this on the regular blog you’re missing out! Check out the webapp version at  If you have an iPad or iPhone bookmark the webapp to your home screen and it will open in “app mode” (with no web browser stuff around it).

Stuck In The Middle Part One


Presenting The Bargain

The Bargain Is Ironed Out

Enter Morris

Breaking The News


Clashing Ideas

The Meeting

Rough Spot

Getting Closer




On Your Mark

New Chapter

To Be Continued. . .

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