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Chapter 2 of Sa-Bom Jim Volume 3 "Stuck in the Middle" story.  Sa-Bom Jim and Katy have  been CAPTURED!

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As each chapter is complete it will be published as a Ryuzine Press Edition.  Enjoy!

Cover Volume 3, Chapter 2

Previously. . .

Previously in Sa-Bom Jim. . .

The result of Jim’s meeting with the Council of Clans turns into an uneasy alliance with the Ninjas against, of all things, PIRATES!  Mandy and Rick Blevins (the Ninja spy who previously infiltrated Jim’s school*) confirm the location of the Pirates.

But they aren’t quite as stealthy as they thought as now the Pirates are prepared for the attack!  Our story continues. . .

* “Sa-Bom Jim: A Watcher In Our Midst” trade paperback

Note: This post is a recap for the Ryuzine Press Edition of Volume 3 Issue 4. If you are seeing this on the regular blog you’re missing out! Check out the webapp version at  If you have an iPad or iPhone bookmark the webapp to your home screen and it will open in “app mode” (with no web browser stuff around it).

New Chapter


Let The Battle Begin

Enter The Captains


Double Trap


Who Can It Be Now

Who Can It Be Now?









To Be Continued. . .

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