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As the face-off with Mar's students gets more intense, Carl is torn between his loyalty to Sa-Bom Jim and his desire for his father's respect...

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What’s In Store?

Part Four


Carl Faces Off!

Opening Trade-off

Mixing It Up!

Tension Builds

Falling For The Trap!

What’s Next?

Eye For An Eye, Knee For A Knee

Two on One, A Fair Fight?

Carl Cuts Loose!

Facing The Music

Bloc On His Own!


In The Clutch!

You Hear Something?

One Down….

A Little Chat….

Slightly Tougher Obstacles

Using What’s There.

Xandy’s Up Again!

Raising The Stakes

Surprises at Every Turn!

Sparring on Two Levels


Up Ahead….

What Is It???


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Table of Contents

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