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Shatter the Core Part 2, the FINAL "Sa-Bom Jim" story!

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Vol. 4 #10 Cover

The Long Dark

What Lies In Store?

Destination Unknown

A Familiar Face

Quite Cryptic!

First Stop

The Younger Self

Facing Memories

Observational Introspection

A Past Dinner

More Reflections



2016-09-14 High School Blues

More Grousing

2016-09-19 Jump Ball!

2016-09-21 No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed

2016-09-23 An Eventful Proposal

2016-09-26 A Destiny Realized

2016-09-28 His First Steps

2016-09-30 A Closer Look

2016-11-07 Touchy Subjects

2016-11-09 Digging Deeper

2016-11-11 Deeper Still…

2016-11-14 Getting Short Tempered

2016-11-16 Shock

2016-11-18 Denoument

2016-11-21 Cutting To The Heart

2016-11-25 Resistance

2016-11-28 Patience Wearing Thin

2016-11-30 Parting Shots

2016-12-02 Need To Be Going

2016-12-05 What’s Ahead?

Table of Contents

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